Powerful, instant sanitization

SabreplusZ kills viruses and bacteria on contact.

Also, when sprayed in the air,

SabreplusZ is effective

against airborne viruses.

Dissolves and eliminates odor at the source

SabreplusZ is effective on

the 8 major offensive odors stipulated by

Ministry of the Environment -

including cigarette smoke, ammonia and body odor.

Instead of masking odors with fragrances or

temporarily covering them odors,

SabreplusZ breaks down the components

of the odor to eliminate the smell itself.

Allergen elimination

SabreplusZ eliminates mite allergens,

which are a source of household dust and

reduces cedar pollen,

which causes seasonal allergies.

Exceptionally safe

SabreplusZ is a safe and worry-free product

produced from a food additive recognized by

the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

SabreplusZ can be used safely

in the presence of children,seniors,

expectant mothers and pets.

SabreplusZ is also environmentally friendly.

(Note) SabreplusZ does not eliminate all viruses and germs.

Using SabreplusZ

Spray SabreplusZ in the air or on the surface to be cleaned.
SabreplusZ is not volatile. It can be used as needed anywhere.
The product may cause color fading depending on the material, so please test it on non-prominent area first.



Freshens up


furniture upholstery,

curtains, and fabrics.


Spray on shoes after

wearing and store them,

after they have

completely dried.

Baby products

On toys and strollers

for protection against

germs and viruses.


Sanitize handrails,

doorknobs and other

frequently used


Pollen allergies

Protect yourself from pollen

by spraying SabreplusZ on

facial masks before leaving home

and on clothes after returning.

Food poisoning

Spray on cutting boards,

knives and other

cooking utensils

for safer cooking.

Garbage cans

For powerful elimination

of garbage and stubborn

garbage can odors.


For elimination of

germs and odors

from kitchen and

bathroom drains.

Cigarette smoke

Reducing the odor

of cigarette smoke

in rooms and

on clothing.

Pet products

Spray on cages,

litter boxes and

surrounding areas.


SabreplusZ is also used in the following places.

Medical facilities
  • ・For use against viruses and bacteria in hospitals and nursing care facilities
  • ・For use against viruses and bacteria in emergency vehicles and patient transport vehicles
  • ・For elimination of odor in toilets
Public facilities
  • ・Elimination of germs and odors in public areas and transportation vehicles
  • ・Elimination of germs and odors in preschools, kindergartens and schools
  • ・Elimination of germs and odors in rooms and lobbies of accommodation facilities and amusement facilities
  • ・Elimination of germs and odors in rental properties
Food related facilities
  • ・For use against germs and odors in commercial kitchens
  • ・For use against germs and odors in food processing plants
  • ・Mold prevention
  • ・For killing germs on knives, cutting boards, slicers and other cooking utensils (avoid contact with substrates.)

Proven effective by The Public Inspection Agency

SabreplusZ is a next generation product made entirely of sodium hypochlorite (food additive) manufactured in a completely new process that does not contain any acids.

SabreplusZ is brand new type of sodium hypochlorite. The problems with generic sodium hypochlorite, such as metal corrosion, bleaching, bad smell and the negative impact on the human body and the environment have been eliminated.

Ingredients: Sodium hypochlorite, pure water
Available chlorine concentration/200ppm

■ Virus Inactivation Test

Test substance: SabreplusZ Available chlorine concentration 100ppm
Tested by: Japan Food Research Laboratories
Test Results No.: 12119062001-01

Test Virus Target log TCID 50/Ml※1
At start 15 sec. later 30 sec. later 60 sec. later
Influenza virus Target 6.5 <1.5 <1.5 <1.5
Control 6.5 - - 6.0
(Feline calicivirus)*2
Target 5.6 <1.5 <1.5 <1.5
Control 5.6 - - 6.3
Adenovirus Target 7.3 1.7 <1.5 <1.5
Control 7.3 - - 7.3
・TCID50: Median tissue culture infectious dose
・Start time: TCID50 of the control substance was measured immediately after application. Data is considered as start time data.
・Test substance: SabreplusZ
・Control substance: Purified water
・Storage temperature: Room temperature
 -: Not measured <1.5: Not detected
 *1 Logarithm of TCID50 per milliliter
 *2 Alternative virus for the norovirus

■ Safety Test

Test Type Test Contents (Target) Results Tested by
Safety Test Acute toxicity test on rats (oral) No problem Tokyo Food Sanitation Association, Food Research Laboratory
Local irritation study on rats (eye mucosa)
Local irritation study on rats (skin)

Recommendations from Users

Pharmacy Hiro Ichikawa,Pharma Mirai Inc. Satomi Oda, Pharmacist
Pharmacy Hiro Ichikawa,Pharma Mirai Inc.
Satomi Oda, Pharmacist

Our store began selling SabreplusZ this summer. We’re also spraying it in the air, on counters and in the kids’ area in the store. I had the image that sodium hypochlorite, which is the active ingredient of SabreplusZ, not only kills germs but also bleaches. However, SabreplusZ effectively kills germs and eliminates odors without the bleaching effect. This is why SabreplusZ can be used on clothes and upholstered furniture, which is great. Since I have two dogs, I also use SabreplusZ at home. SabreplusZ is great for quick removal of odors.

Maron Pharmacy Minamino, Marron Corporation  Ken Sugasawa, Pharmacist
Maron Pharmacy Minamino, Marron Corporation
Ken Sugasawa, Pharmacist

Our store has been using SabreplusZ for three years to eliminate germs and odors. I’m always surprised at how quickly it works. For myself, I always keep SabreplusZ in my car to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke and to eliminate germs and odors from my fishing gear. Even at home, I use the spray to easily sanitize cooking utensils that I keep under the sink. So, SabreplusZ comes in handy. SabreplusZ also deactivates cedar pollen and mite allergens. So you can use SabreplusZ in your rooms and on your bedding - and your clothes!

Minamino Surgical, Orthopedics Clinic Yuji Sugiyama, Physician
Minamino Surgical, Orthopedics Clinic
Yuji Sugiyama, Physician

My office started to use SabreplusZ three years ago after being introduced to it by a pharmacy nearby. Due to the characteristics of our surgical and orthopedics clinic, odor from medical treatments and medical waste was a concern. However, now we have SabreplusZ and it’s very helpful. Just one or two sprays of SabreplusZ immediately eliminate odors, and even I, a medical specialist, find this amazing. We use SabreplusZ in the office every day for its powerful effect in eliminating germs and odors.

Product Lineup





250ml for refills

250ml for refills